Developer of free softwares, like Carnet

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I'm a dev making free as freedom apps and software. Also musician, I believe in free software as well as free art


I'm the main developer of Carnet, a rich text note taking app available on both Android, Nextcloud online app and Linux

Oh My Gif

Giphy alternative with sync "federation" (not really) between instances and share option to Mastodon

PeerTube servers

I'm also the administrator of the peertube instance, and

Why 20€ / week ?

I'd like one day to be able to live from my work on free software

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CarnetElectron 30 Dikemaskini minggu ini

CarnetAndroid 58 Dikemaskini 1 minggu lalu

CarnetDocumentation 159 Dikemaskini 9 bulan lalu

OhMyGif 10 Dikemaskini 1 tahun lalu

doubleSearch 1 Dikemaskini 2 tahun lalu

Ugly insecured php to double search on framabee and google

gocheoudrouat 2 Dikemaskini 2 tahun lalu


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