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The Forest gave us the best of times and the worst of times (often in a single day), it gave us our friends, our networks, our skills and more than a few bruises. It made us collaborators. Appreciators. Makers. Participators. Artists. Performers. It has united thousands of people from all walks of life, countries, races and genders. Its friends have gone on to do brave, innovative, life-changing things, right in Edinburgh and all around the world.

And the amazing fact is, that while many of us quit paying attention, the wild ride is still running and is still providing thousands of new people a year with the same opportunities to fail that we had. By contributing to the charity, you're keeping that spirit alive – by keeping the doors open, the lights on and every thing free to all. We're currently 100% volunteer-powered, and digging ourselves out of debt, but energised and optimistic.


The Forest has given us a lot. If you're reading this, we're certain you've also given a lot to the project over the years. And so we want no one to feel bad if they can't contribute. However, if you can give, it will certainly help us reach our goal of being an ever-changing, adventurous and down-right legendary creative space sooner. We will aim to be something you are proud of – if we make a mess, it will be a glittery mess. In other words, your money will be spent on rent and acts of creativity – small grants, publishing, workshop materials, cia nights, AGMs, Happenings – that kind of thing.

Now more than ever, your help will be vital in maintaining the experience which brought so many of us together – as Peter Currie once said -- "Gold!"

How much we talkin’?

As much as you’re comfortable with. The Forest rent averages £1,500/month. None of us have this to spare each month. However, if we had 30 people donating £50 per month, or 150 people who could spare a tenner a month, we’d be covered. Or 300 people with £5. … You get the point: Many friends make light work.

  • 100+: Nicolas Cage – Be the Cage you want to see in the world (unlimited food & drink – SuperSize You!)
  • 50+: Tom Cruise – Start spreading the Cruise (1 meal a month – yes, they can be redeemed all at once)
  • 20+: Many Eyehorse Make Light Work (Handsome Jack & a special meal for you once a year)
  • 5+: Handsome Jack – cup of regular tea (One at a time, five per month – we like seeing ya, so you have to come in lots)

(small print: yes, 'meal' includes a drink, what are we, monsters? However, all offers are subject to whim)

We're a Charity, Big Whoop?

It also means you can claim this as a tax deduction if you're one of those normies who knows what that means. Here's our charity number -- SC038234 -- what else do you need?

Also, there's Gift Aid. We're looking into it.

It's not just about money

There are other ways you can contribute. If you've read this far we assume you understand and embody the aims and values of Forest. At some point we will need active trustees and consultants. People who know Partnerships. The Law. Catering. Grass Roots Organising. Hacking. Property. Plumbing and blah blah. If you want a role, one can be found for you commensurate with your experience, interests and time.

Get in touch if you want to talk: <>

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