Dr. Chinchu C.

I am a Psychologist creating podcasts on Psychology & Mental Health in Malayalam, an Indian Language

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I am a Psychologist from Kerala, India. I hold a PhD in Psychology and am a science communicator. I create podcasts primarily in Malayalam, which is one of the recognized languages of India and primarily spoken by people of Kerala and the Keralite community all over the world. My podcasts are focused on the topics in Psychology which are relevant to the daily life of people, such as cognitive biases and well-being. My intention behind asking for donations is to support the work that I have to undertake in order to design, create, and propagate the content as mentioned above. Right now I do not receive any funding for doing any of these works related to the podcast. Also, being a free software and knowledge freedom enthusiast, I support the model being followed by Liberapay, and hence the choice of this platform.

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