Oliver Brammer

British software developer, hosting services & writing Free Software

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Hello! I'm Oliver Brammer, a British software developer.

I've previously worked on server software for the Minecraft community. Currently, I'm working on a number of really cool projects for a healthier Internet! Additionally, I semi-frequently write about network engineering in game development, and how to build better online gaming experiences.

Your support here will help fund the services I host, including Git and Mastodon. Any additional contributions will help me pay the bills, because those sure are a thing too.

Consider supporting me write helpful tools for the world to use! ✌️


  • GitLab @ octo.sh - Public git repositories, open to everyone
  • Tuxspace.net - Mastodon for Linux users, lovers, and the like
  • Splat Social - Mastodon for Splatoon players & competitive Nintendo communities

Free Software

Legacy Projects

  • JungleTree - High performance Minecraft server software
  • BeamForge - A JavaFX tool for controlling CNC machines

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