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DashGL Project

The DashGL project was created for the purpose of creating Open Source Retro style games that run on Linux. "Dash" stands for "Digital Adventures in Shaders" and GL represents OpenGL. The goal of the project is create open assets and games that run on Linux, but also provide resources for anyone who wants to get involved in Open Source gaming from the conceptual level.


One aspect of making retro games, is understanding how developers were able to make games for systems with limited resources. One aspect of the DashGL Project is analyzing how classic games were structured.


The DashGL Project also provides tutorials for a more practical approach to learning graphical programs in Linux. Currently tutorials for Brickout, a Space Invaders clone, and Astroids are provided on The tutorials are designed in such away to introduce concepts one at a time, to quickly gain understanding of working with graphical libraries.

File Format

To make working with file formats easier, the DashGL Project also provides and supports the "Dash Model Format". A simple static format designed to be as light as possible while supporting the properties required to be defined in models. The format is provided under the MIT license.

Akaun Terpaut

DashGLProject memiliki akaun berikut di platform lain:


DashGL-GTK-Invaders-Tutorial Bintang 7 Dikemaskini 3 tahun lalu

A tutorial for a basic Invaders game made in C with GTK: and OpenGL

DashGL-GTK-Astroids-Tutorial Bintang 4 Dikemaskini 3 tahun lalu

Astroids Tutorial written in C using GTK with OpenGL and DashGL for matrix manipulation

DashGL-GTK-Brickout-Tutorial Bintang 18 Dikemaskini 3 tahun lalu

Tutorial For a Brickout Clone Written in OpenGL using GTK Library and GTKGLArea Widget

DashGL-Library Bintang 23 Dikemaskini 3 tahun lalu

Basic Matrix Manipulation Library For OpenGL Written in C

Dash-Texture-Viewer Bintang 4 Dikemaskini 7 tahun lalu

A TIM texture viewer with support for pallets written in GTK with C (for Linux)


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