Mesh Foundation

Blockchain technology aimed for internet privacy via peer proxies.

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In the typical blockchain, nodes communicate with each other via a peer-to-peer (P2P) network for decentralized communication, and decision-making. Many of the technologies used in blockchains aren't exactly new. Modules such as P2P networks, cryptography, databases and more have been around for some time. Peer-to-peer networks have been used for private browsing since before the 2000s. Such as the "Tor Project" (2002) which aimed to provide anonymity while browsing the internet. Nodes on the Tor network don't have a reliable behavior system nor a reward for node operators. Although many blockchains today have algorithms for determining when a node is misbehaving and built-in measures to reward those who don't. Also in a blockchain network, miners or validators receive a bonus for creating and writing new blocks.

At the Mesh Foundation we plan to bring both of these technologies together into one synchronous network of decentralized peers. The blockchain will have a native cryptocurrency which will be used for node operators to make a little cash offering proxy services, as well as the bonus for mining a new block.

The money generated from this page will be used to pay our hard-working development team and to make the necessary tools available to make our goal come to life. We thank you all for your generous donations


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