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Who Am I ?

Hi everyone. I am MrTeeXD and Welcome to my LiberaPay Page. I do Content Creation on the Internet and that I really want to do this is a full time job and its my goal of achieving that dream. Help me make this a possibility.

What Do I Do For A Living ?

I make YouTube Videos that I spent time on editing. I mainly use Free And Open Source Software to produce the work that I do and that I want to do this as my Fulltime Job. Making Videos and Doing livestreams are things that make me happy and I love doing it. I have setup this Page for People that support me thorugh my Content Creation Career. If you want to Support me for doing this then Feel free to Select either Weekly, Month or Yearly.

What Type Of Videos Do I Make ?

The videos I make are : Mixer Highlights. Gameplay, Update Videos and Music Videos.

What Is My Current Goal ?

I am in need of a New, Better PC since the Current one I am using is too weak and can easily be killed if I continue to Stress it out even more. I want to produce better content for you.

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