Sandra Lénárdová

I'm developing Alien Horizon

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I'm Sandra, the sole developer of Alien Horizon - a highly political sci-fi survival city builder set on an alien planet. You can play it here for free. Development started in 2017 in my free time, continued through 2020 full-time and I expect it to take a few more years to be finished. I'm a veteran game programmer with years of industry experience, working on, among other things, Space Engineers.

I've always felt that constraining art by chains of commercial interest leads to bland, uninteresting and "safe" projects that aren't living up to their full potential. My dream is to finance my art of game development through donations and keep the results free of charge for everyone to enjoy. This is where you come in. I am asking you to help me achieve this dream and create a truly unique experience that wouldn't be possible any other way.

Continued support means continued development. Even when the game is finished, I'm prepared to keep expanding it as long as support lasts.

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