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I'm creating various Open-Source tools and provide Content under a Creative-Commons license.

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Multitouch Jigsaw Puzzle 0 Dikemaskini 1 tahun lalu

A multitouch capable jigsaw puzzle game, that turns any image URI into a puzzle.

office-scan 2 Dikemaskini 8 bulan lalu

Batch scan your documents to jpeg files using the command line.

Children-Media-Library 3 Dikemaskini 10 bulan lalu

Web based media library for children. (Made for the Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen)

mini-pc-chrome-kiosk 5 Dikemaskini 2 tahun lalu

Einrichtung eines Mini-PCs für den Google-Chrome Kiosk-Modus.

moment-calendar 13 Dikemaskini 3 tahun lalu

Provides queryable calendar data structure

rest-js 10 Dikemaskini 4 tahun lalu

Interact with a Rest-API. Works on client and server (node.js).

es6-promise-series 11 Dikemaskini 5 tahun lalu

Execute promises in series

metalsmith-localize-collection 1 Dikemaskini 6 tahun lalu

Creates localized branches of a metalsmith collection

styler 0 Dikemaskini 6 tahun lalu

Awesome in-place CSS-editing



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