I do art and computer stuff that hopefully helps people

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I try to make computers not be bad, so communities can actually use them to further their own interests instead of feeding megacorps. Also I do some art that looks cool.


I mostly do low poly 3D, usually for short loops (aka.: GIFs), but with an eye on performance. I'd like to try my hands at asset creation for game development. Sometimes I do fancier hi poly or effects heavy pieces too. I also like animation and would love to work on some shorts or animatics but heck, computer stuff takes up most of my time already.

Computer stuff??

I'm afraid so.


It's a cool operating system / package manager / build system. I implemented the build system support for Chicken Scheme and wrote the Yggdrasil service. I also help with some packaging and various issues. I want to make Guix an (even) better platform both for self-hosting services and for personal computing. In the long term I'd like to bring it closer to the Lisp machine experience, but with more securer.

Other computer stuff?

You betcha. I dabble with Plan 9, Idris, Scheme, accessibility stuff, game development, teaching, PinePhone, retro hardware... basically whatever seems interesting and useful. I like to experiment but I prefer to build things that are actually useful.

More other stuff??!

Sometimes I translate stuff, or teach programming or Blender, or help English learners. I also want to help build community run communications networks in Hungary and - if I can travel - beyond.

What you need the monies for?

Basic necessities for the most part, but also see the networking stuff, which requires gear, which costs money, so I've been putting it off since forever. And of course there are the Things That Would Be Nice To Have, like a bike that doesn't literally fall apart and has working brakes, stuff like that. Oh and taxes I guess. I'd also like to support my family more. This list is not necessarily in order of priority. I also wanna donate more regularly to others whom do cool work.

Okay but how much monies do you really need?

I have enough programming skills and experience that I could get a job (which I am trying to do, in defiance of my anxiety), but it would be Really Neat if I didn't have to work for some exploitative corporation and could work on larger projects that actually matter and help people. The salary of a beginner programmer here is around 200k Huf, but I don't expect to reach that level of financial support here just yet, but that is roughly the kind of income that would let me work full time on things like Guix or Linux accessibility.

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