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TuxDB started as an idea I had a few years ago when there was no list of games you are able to play on linux, since at that time the focus on most websites was open source games or linux game news. I wanted to create a united place for all the linux gamers - the one stop portal for all the linux gamer's needs. Over the time the project improved and now it's bringing together various aspects of linux gamers together - now it brings together the streamers, video creators, the game deals, linux crowdfunding projects, and so on.. and it started just as a Linux game database.

About me: Hello I'm NuSuey and I'm the creator/coder of I've been a Linux enthusiast & a linux gamer for many years.

Why I need your help? Because I'm against having ads on the website, tuxDB is self-funded. With your help I won't have to rely on ads to pay for the hosting & domain costs and I'll be able to focus on improving the website, add even more features.

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